It all started in January of 2009 when we realized that there just wasn’t the options there should be when it came to customizing one’s YouTube channel. The idea was simple, create a free service that users could turn to for help when their channels didn’t match the quality of the videos they were creating.

Our goal is to offer high quality YouTube channel backgrounds, both free and paid. We’re even throwing in matching YouTube icons for many backgrounds because we know although users on YouTube can produce great video content, they’re not always the best with graphic design.

YouTube has gone through many changes over the years, including several changes to channel design. This has made it difficult for to keep up because every time the layout of YouTube channels change, we must revise all our backgrounds. This is a task we’ve taken on before and we’re prepared to continue facing head on because we know our users are counting on our service. Moving forward we will strive to create the highest quality and most professional YouTube backgrounds available on the Internet for many years to come.