All Channel Art for YouTube

tribal-preview Posted Jul 26

Originally designed for one individual’s gaming channel, now turned “premium” due to complications, this sleek tribal background can be yours for a small fee. Tribal Continue Reading →

skyrim-preview Posted Jun 28

Skyrim is the fifth installment of the highly successful Elder Scrolls franchise. Developed and published by Bethesda, this open-world action role-playing game has reached a Continue Reading →

iOS-App-Reviews-Small-Preview Posted Jun 14

Apple has done quite well over the years, especially when it comes to the iPhone and iPad. As a result, there have been countless blogs, Continue Reading →

Bleach-Hollow-Ichigo-Preview Posted May 31

Once a deceased human soul, Hollows are corrupt creatures with supernatural powers that did not cross over into Soul Society for whatever reason. If a Continue Reading →

techreviewswithicon Posted May 11

We’ve come a long way in the past decade. Technology is exploding, so much so that even the word “tech” has morphed to a much Continue Reading →

lightcollisionwithicon Posted May 09

When light hits an object it can either pass through, reflect, be absorbed or (most interestingly) be refracted/dispersed. This refraction is most commonly shown by Continue Reading →

bf3 Posted May 04

Possibly the most suitable name for the gameplay it brings, Battlefield 3 is a wildly popular, open war, FPS shooter for PS3, Xbox 360 and Continue Reading →