Editing software discontinued. Sorry about that. See a special offer below.

Now you can get a custom YouTube channel art  design for just five dollars on Fiverr!



Use the program below to create your own channel art or grab an existing youTube channel art design and add your own text or images to it. This tool is made available for free thanks to Pixlr.com.

YouTube Channel Art Creator Tips

  • Import from url and paste THIS link if you’d like to use BackgroundTube’s YouTube channel art template.
  • Need more space to work with? At the top click view > fullscreen mode
  • To edit channel art already on BackgroundTube.com, download the image first from our site then choose “open image from computer.”
  • Make use of the layers box located to the right/middle. Create new layers that can easily be removed or edited later.
  • To import images of your own into the design, click file >open image then while the new image is selected drag the layer (on the right/middle) onto the existing design area. The image should now be copied over as a new layer onto the design you were originally working from.
  • Save the final image by clicking file > save and choosing the png format.
  • Can’t be bothered creating your own design? Let us create a stunning YouTube channel art design for you or head over to the Fiverr marketplace where eager designers are eager to work and will charge  as little as $5!